Not Holding Back!

by Better Off

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released May 17, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Brezinski Basement Studio



all rights reserved


Better Off The Netherlands

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Track Name: Like Ghosts
We are like ghosts
We are amongst you
We are the shadows
We are the night

We are the foul breath, breathing down your fucking neck
We were always here hiding in plain sight
Like a fever that can’t be cured, we are the poison
You tried so long to refuse us, you chose to look away
Chose not to recognize, we’re already in your system
we are under your skin, we are the fever
Track Name: Dead End
Can’t believe you never gave up on me
Gave you reasons enough to let me down
Walk out on me, just leave me be
I’ve got nothing else to offer you

Deceit, lies and dead end streets
I’m trouble, turn your back and run away
When the storm hits this town, I’ll be nowhere to be found
I’m the ball and chain, I am a fucking disgrace
You kept faith, though I proved you wrong
You stood by me, gave and never took

gave and never took

When the waves come rushing in, don’t hold on to me
I’m like a concrete block, ready to drag you down
I owe you more than I can, I can ever pay you back
Forever in debt, took the noose off from my neck

Took the noose from my neck.

I am sure my brother that we will live to see brighter days
This stroll of shame will turn into a run for redemption
Track Name: Hands Tied
We are the modern slaves, generation of possession and greed
Obedient and docile we fulfill their insatiable needs
Like hordes we march to the rhythm of the wardrum
Beat by beat, pound by pound until their kingdom come

Educate and fall in line, freedom now is a charade
When fear becomes a tradition, when there’s nothing left than being afraid
We must rise, rise now, show them this isn’t the way
We’re fed up, pissed off, we’ll stop this fucking decay

We are taught to keep our heads down, to let the ones in power have their way
We are taught to keep our heads down, to be the puppets in their sadistic play
We are taught to keep our heads down, go with the flow and obey.
Track Name: Slither
You call this a fucking joke
Well look around, motherfucker
Cause I don’t see no smiling faces here
Only bad tempers

Mister comedian, step to me and try to make me grin
Now don’t be shy, look me in the eye and speak your mind
A loss for words, how can this be?
A loss for words, no more tricks up your sleeve?

Let go, let go, let go
Of what’s already slippin’ through your fingers
Move on, move on, move on
Don’t bother shaking hands on your way out

You call this a fucking joke
Well look around, motherfucker
Cause I don’t see no smiling faces here
Only bad tempers

I hope you know, that it’s you who I am talking about
Your time is up, don’t let me see your face in the crowd

This is not your place, go ahead walk away
Vanish without a trace
Your name will be erased, they won’t remember your face
Vanish without a trace
Track Name: When Colors Fade
How could I let it get this far
Smiling outside, burning inside
Built this wall of rational thinking
Raised it to the point of no return
Locked me up and lost the key
In this prison called my mind
Lost track of what it’s like to feel
Found out what it’s like to fail

Staring! Staring at the mirror
Trying to figure out who it is that’s staring back
Hollow! Hollow are my eyes
An endless void in a hurricane of thoughts
Control! I lost control
Of the man I used to be and the man that I’ve become
Grey! All colors fade
I’ve never seen this side of me, lost the will to fight

It takes time to get through this
A bumpy road with narrow turns
Without struggle there is no progress
Start believing in cause and effect

Every drop of my blood
Every tear that I’ve shed
Brings me closer to my goals
This life is mine to make or break

Never have I felt this way
The brightest days had all turn grey
Never ever will I feel that way
I took control, I told myself
Stop waiting for things to change themselves
I hold the key

This life is mine to make or break
Can not rely on anyone else but me
Stop wasting time on doubt inside my head
It’s all in my hands, I hold the key……